Education and Family Counselling Centres

Our teams consist of psychosocially and psychotherapeutically qualified and experienced counsellors: psychologists, psychotherapists, educationalists, social education workers and social workers.

Our clients

Children, adolescents, young adults, parents, families and couples as well as all other persons involved in educational issues and family tensions.

Foundations of our work

  • The 14 Education and Family Counselling Centres in Frankfurt am Main are funded by the town council of Frankfurt. We work free of charge and independently of governmental institutions.
  • We offer achievements of the child and juvenile welfare service law (Kinder- und Jugendhilfegesetz).
  • Everything you tell us will be confidentially treated and may not be passed on without your permission.
  • You can apply directly to one of the Education and Family Counselling Centres.
  • We support you to clarify your actual conflictual situation and to find appropriate solutions.
  • We need your reliable cooperation.

Information, counselling and therapeutic support in different situations and conflicts

  • education and family, partnership
  • school, training and career
  • separation and divorce
  • developmental difficulties
  • emotional disturbances, behavioural and social disorders
  • cross-cultural pressures, discrimination experiences
  • experiences of physical and sexual violence
  • loss and mourning
  • problems of identity and self-esteem
  • psycho-diagnostic assessment
  • counselling for professionals in the pedagogic and social fields
  • reference to other professional services
  • preventive services
  • groups for children with parents in separation and divorce

Our service for you

In some Education and Family Counselling Centres we offer counselling in English and other languages. If it is necessary we work with translators to facilitate the communication.

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